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About Wendell W. Unzicker:
Wendell W. Unzicker was born and raised in Galesburg, Illinois. He currently lives in Rio Rancho, New Mexico with his family. He is a full-time, professional artist specialising in illustrations and graphics. A member of the Colored Pencil Society of America and the Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists, he is quite active in both local and international competitions and shows. All of his works are produced entirely of pencil, ink, and colored pencil. This technique is quite painstaking but produces vibrant colors and unique textural qualities to the work. Each piece produced can take up to 80 hours to complete.

Artist's Statement:
I believe art is an opportunity to do the impossible, visit other worlds, visualize the unreachable perspective, bring emotion to tangible form, and even look inside the mind of another. Every person has incredible and unique visions in life and the universe around us cradled in the embrace of their spirit and physical form. To study and understand these visions brought forth by other artists and share some small percentage of my own, is the essence of my personal artistic pursuit. Through this process, I better understand myself, those around us, and - in a small way - enrich humanity by diving into the endless sea of ideas our cosmos has to offer.
Animated pictures
Above pictures are entitled:
Temple, The Cruise, Red Oscar,
Masadavallia Saltatrix, Dawn Blossoms, Quark

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